Friday, April 1, 2016

We are adopting a child with minor medical needs from the People's Republic of China!  This is our first entry so we'll give a history of what has occurred up until now.

In September of 2014 we started looking into adoption agencies by reading about their programs online and going to several informational meetings.  We looked into both domestic and international adoption programs. We’ve found the whole process to be very interesting and intense. 
In March of 2015 we met an expecting mother at our church who wanted to give her baby up for adoption.  We talked with her for several months about the possibility of adopting her child.  When she was six months pregnant she went to visit family out of state.  She never returned and we were unable to maintain contact with her.  Although we were disappointed, it helped us solidify our determination to be adoptive parents. 
In August of 2015, we started the application process with Holt.  We selected this agency because we know families who have adopted internationally through them, they have a local office in Omaha, and because of their certifications and extensive credentials.  At this time we also picked China as the country we would adopt from.

The first step was to complete some initial paperwork followed by twenty hours of classes that covered topics from being a conspicuous family to bonding issues to the culture of China.  Once we completed the classes, we were tested on the material.  We passed! =D  After that it was onto completing our home study paperwork.  The paperwork was quite intensive, but we did it as fast as we could! 

In December of 2015 we began meeting with our social worker, Bonnie.  After several visits and follow up e-mails, Bonnie created our home study and sent it to Holt for approval.  Holt approved our home study and we continued on with the dossier paperwork. 

In January 2016 we completed the dossier paperwork (what gets sent to China).  We’re are currently waiting on our immigration paper to get authenticated & certified so it’s ready to be sent to China. 

After our dossier is sent to China we hope to be matched with child in a few months with the possibility of traveling to China in the fall.

Please pray for us in this process, we need patience.
Pray for our child and the people who will match us with him or her.
Pray for all the orphans who are waiting to be matched with families.