Wednesday, January 18, 2017

We successfully submitted our dossier to China in June of this last year. We have been patiently waiting to be matched with a child since that time. During the monthly conference calls the average time to be matched with a child has slowly grown from 3-4 months to 6+ months. It has been disheartening for us to watch the timeline slide and frustrating to not have been matched by this point, yet we understand it’s hard for our agency to predict how many children will released by the government for international adoption.

In November 2016 a family friend whose niece was pregnant and plans to have her baby adopted contacted us. Over the next month we were torn between continuing the China adoption or to pursue this domestic opportunity. After a lot of praying, discussion, and fact-finding we determined that we would place our China adoption on hold and pursue the domestic adoption.

We are still planning on adopting from China! We are allowed to keep our dossier in China on hold indefinitely as long as we keep our immigration paperwork up to date until we are ready. This is a little extra work overall, but we don’t have to start over and will be at the top of the match list once we are ready to adopt again in a year or so.

The baby girl is due February 12th, 2107. WOW! Because of that fact, this last month has been very hectic, as we have shifted gears from international to domestic. In addition to placing our current Chinese adoption on hold, we have had to work toward completing a new domestic home study, domestic paperwork, and preparing the essentials for a newborn.

One important fact to note is this domestic adoption isn’t 100% going to happen. We can have an adoption plan ready, but the mother may officially relinquish her rights 48 hours after birth and not before that time. If she changes her mind or the father seeks custody then the adoption will not go through. Please keep us in your prayers, pray for the birth mother, and pray for the baby. God Bless.

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