Thursday, December 19, 2019

After the birth of our adopted daughter Rose, we were placed on hold for our China adoption from the time of her birth in February of 2017 until August of 2018.  A year after being taken off hold, in August of 2019, we received a call from our adoption agency with a referral for a little boy.  We completed the necessary medical reviews and submitted our letter of intent (LOI) to China for approval.  After sending the letter of intent we told immediate family members and asked for them to pray for China to accept our intention to adopt this little boy.  In September, we received the letter of acceptance (LOA) from China!  Since then we have been busy completing the remaining paperwork, preparing for traveling to China, and preparing our home for his arrival.   

Thank you for patiently waiting with us, encouraging us as we’ve waited, and praying for God’s perfect timing.  We are full of gratitude for the opportunity to adopt again.  We started the process to adopt from China over four years ago, so it’s been on our hearts for years.

We are thrilled to travel to China in January and bring him home.  We have decided to name him David James Shank.  He turned two years old in November and has some growth delays and respiratory issues.  Rose is very excited to have a little brother and likes to pray for him at night. 

China allowed us to send David a small photo book so he can see his forever family.  It is probably the first personal possession he has ever owned.  Please pray for him as big changes are coming his way.  Pray for his adjustment and his ability to become attached to his new family, even now. 

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