Tuesday, December 15, 2020


Adapting to a New World

We met David 11 months ago!  He has grown and changed so much since we first met him.  The first few months he watched, observed, and took it all in.  He opened all the drawers and cupboards as he explored his new home.  At first, he listened, and we could see his mind spinning as we talked.  It was not long before he started to respond to requests, such as “time for dinner, go to the table”, and to our surprise, is now talking in full sentences.  What an amazing transformation for single year, especially since he could only speak a few Chinese words when he was placed in our care.  We have a hunch his language skills are, in part, a contribution from Rose, as she enjoys talking non-stop and narrating every move that is being made to her little brother.  We have watched him grow and change so much over the year.  He is very tough, independent, loves to help, explore, and be active. 


We have had countless doctors’ appointments to determine why David is so tiny.  He is, in fact, less than 1% of anyone his age on all the various pediatric growth charts.  (Yes - We found out there are a lot of different pediatric growth charts!) Despite his small stature, he has grown three inches this year and is happy, eats well, has a regular sleep pattern, and is otherwise healthy.  His favorite foods are fruit snacks, chips, noodles, seaweed chips, vegetables, and fruits.  He does not like bread, peanut butter, or sweets.   

Growth and Development

This last summer, David went from being apprehensive the first few times at the pool to loving the water and bravely going underwater on his own accord.  He loved to fish at grandpa and grandma’s farm.  We enjoyed many fun days at the zoo, parks, and Vala’s pumpkin patch.  The best part of this year has been seeing David and Rose bond as siblings.  They get along amazingly well and the joy they share spending time together, playing and living life, is contagious.

Rose absolutely loves the holidays, and it has been fun to see her excitement as we have experienced David’s first holidays.  She has loved showing him all the firsts and showing him the ropes.

We cannot help but look back at God’s grace as we were able to travel to China in January and bring David home.  We are so thankful to Him for bringing David into our family.  He is truly a good and gracious Father.  We want to thank you for your prayers, love, and support this year. 

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